USA Casino Online

USA Casino Online

Launched in 2005, USA Casino Online has covered a lot of ground in the last 5 years to become a trusted and popular casino with players who want entertaining games. It has also been noticed by critics, and acclaimed for its professionalism and the quality of its games.

Games and Playability

With more than 80 games that are powered by PlayTech, USA Casino has a wide variety of excellent quality games. It has an abundant collection of card games which include rare games like Live Dealer Roulette and Blackjack Switch, apart from the other classics. Totaling more than $3.5 million, the number of progressive jackpots available is impressive too; these include beach Life, Mega Jacks and Gold Rally. Its slot games include single line slots such as Magic Slots as well as video slots like Gold Rally and Fruit Mania.

Customer Service

At USA Casino online, you can use a wide variety of currencies as units of transactions, including the Euro, the British Pound, Australian and Canadian dollars, not to mention the USD, Rand and Kroner, among others. The casino accepts several different types of e-wallets, six types of credit cards, and dozens of other ways of making a deposit.

If you run across any problem at USA Casino online, you can contact the customer support by email, phone or through live chat. If you want to, you can talk to them in either of the following languages: Italian, German, French, Spanish, and English. Supporting so many languages and currencies, USA Casino can truly be called an international casino.


At best USA Casino online, every new player gets a welcome bonus of $400, which is deposited in four steps or with the first four deposits made by the player. If you are disappointed with the relatively smaller sum of the welcome bonus, worry not, because you can cover up by aiming for the award of $4000 with the USA Casino’s High Roller Bonus.

USA Casino online offers many other promotions and bonuses regularly. There is a promotion going on at USA Casino every day, and you can keep track of these promotions by using the USA Casino Promotions Calendar, designed specially to track the promotions.

New USA Online Casino

Why New USA Online Casino?

Several New USA Online Casino to make deposits and withdrawals easy by their players. ePassporte is an electronic system that allows Visa customers to get an electronic debit card to use it like an electronic wallet while depositing or withdrawing from online casino sites. It is also considered as an international passport for casino players from all over the world. Unlike credit cards the debit cards issued by ePassporte can be used for making online purchases alongwith getting cash directly from your account. Moreover easy and free transfer of money between various ePassporte accounts also makes it a perfect electronic wallet for its users.

How to Deposit With New USA Online Casino?

You can use your debit or credit card to deposit with New USA Online Casinos that listed at our site. Before activating your ePassporte account they first of all confirm your identity. they also accept US bank transfers for making deposit in your ePassporte account on the Casino Online USA. You can use ePpurchase option found on your online ePassporte account while making payments to some Top US Online Casinos. The transactions are carried out immediately after verifying your userID and password.

Are There Any Limitations For Transacting With New USA Online Casino?

You can make as many transactions as you wish without any additional charge to the New USA Online Casino until your ePassporte Visa Virtual account has credit. The personal message center of your ePassporte account will be notified about the transaction and all the incoming and outgoing transactions will be entered into the transaction history option on your online electronic account.

How Can I Withdraw From New USA Online Casino?

Though you can not get your withdrawals from New USA Online Casino by transferring them to your bank account outside US but transferring them telegraphically is a good option for you in this respect. But you can withdraw cash money through Visa and PLUS cash machines anywhere in the world if you had additionally applied for ePassporte Visa Electron card.

Do I Have To Pay Fee For Withdrawing From New USA Online Casino?

You will have to pay a nominal fee of $5 annually from the second year for getting the withdrawals from New USA Online Casino. Though, you will not be charged any fee while opening your virtual account with $25 minimum but you will be charged between $0.01 and $2 to get your credit or debit card authenticated. Similarly you need not pay any fee for transferring deposits through US banks but transfer through credit or debit card will carry a fee of $5 for every $100 transfer.

What Will Be User’s Status While Dealing With New USA Online Casino?

The status of regular users of ePassporte virtual account for making deposits with New USA Online Casino will automatically upgraded to its ??select status’. Alongwith other benefits your transfer and deposit limits will also be raised upto $1,000 for next 24 hours of upgradation. If you are making deposits in your Visa Virtual account in foreign currency then it will be automatically converted into US dollars as it deals only in US currency.