No Limit Hold Em Poker For US Players

Easily, the most fun thing to do while playing No Limit Hold Em is bully around a table with a chip lead. When you are sitting with alot more chips than anyone at the table, losing them doesnt mean as much and you can put players to the test for all their chips with almost any 2 cards. Its a real rush. Well, thanks to his Team Action buddy Rob, who pulled off something so unprecedented I dont know if I blogged it right, Dave was sitting on a 3-1 chip stack within the first blind level. All he had to do was cruise and he would cash. But Dave is Dave, and he made it alot more dramatic than that.

We only had 7 players tonight, however;

8. Rob
7. Rob
6. Nishan
5. Ryan
4. Me
3. Jason
2. Birthday boy Paul
1. Dave

Thats right folks, Rob busted out in last and second to last position. How is that possible? Well, its probably from the pity we felt when his pocket 10s got cracked by Daves A10 when they were both all in, followed by a short stacked Rob moving all in and getting a mercy call by Dave. Robs A10 was cracked by Daves 34 who made a straight and Rob was out. Then, since we were still in the first blind level and the deal hadnt even moved all the way around again (a very rare occurance) we let Rob rebuy. First hand, he gets mid pair and a flush draw and moves all in. Dave holds pockets Kings. In four hands, Rob had managed to dump 6000 in chips to Dave. Everyone else had only 3000.

With a 300 raise before the flop and 3 callers the flop comes Q2Q. Im holding A6s which I thought might be good 6 handed. Checks around and on the turn Dave bets 2000. Everyone folds except Nishan. Dave then moves all in in the dark before the River and Nishan calls. Dave has a Q and Nishan mucks what he says was a big pocket pair. Dave has around 12,000 in chips and Nishan is out.

Paul had taken some beatings and moved all in preflop with AQ. Dave raises another 3000 on top of that and Ryan calls. Flop comes 3Q6. Dave moves all in, easily covering Ryan, who folds. Pauls AQ holds up to Daves 67off suit but the 3000 he won from Ryan was much bigger than Pauls 1800 triple up. Dave then got pocket Kings again and deals Ryan his final blow.

With about 1500 in chips and seeing how wreckless Dave has been playing, I decide to change up my play a bit. I know he is begging to give away chips with this play so I start to get aggressive when I see some decent hands. I move all in with snowmen (88) and he calls with 4s. I double up. I move all in next hand again with A9d and he calls with K5s. Flop 868 and Im way ahead. Turn a 7, River a 4 and Daves 5 makes a straight knocking me out. This is a massacre, Rob says as he plays my World Championship Poker 2 for PSP.

Paul moves all in and doubles up through Dave twice very quickly and this is where the chip lead thing starts to diminish. Paul moves all in with 10s. Dave calls with A2. Um, what? Then, in a small raised pot with a flop of 664, Paul moves all in with A4 and Dave calls with K5 – absolutely nothing. At this point, Dave is still ahead but Paul is close behind. Jason, who was playing his tight/aggressive brand of baiting poker found himself short stacked on the bubble so when Dave moved a big raise in preflop, Jason pumped it all in with his least favorite hand in the world – KJ. Dave flips A6 for the lead. But, just to really put the dagger in Jason, Dave makes As full of 6s to send him packing. Word to the wise ladies and gents, KJ sucks.

In the end however, Daves near massive blow up was outweight by sheer good fortune. Paul moved in with A4 and Dave called with A6. Paul hits a 4 on the flop, but a 6 comes on the river, and Dave – with a little help from the only 2 time loser in one night – takes down the tournament.