Casinos Online For USA Players

Where Can I Find Casinos Online For USA Players?

It used to be rather difficult to find Casinos Online For USA Players, however, things have changed and casinos are allowing people from the USA to play at many online casinos, such as: New USA, Classy Coin, New US Casino and Cirrus Casino. All of these casinos can be found on any online casino website that allows USA players. To find the casinos that allow USA players, just type into the search bar “Casinos Online For USA Players” This will bring up casino websites that have a long list of casinos that accept USA players.

Is There Any Difference Between The Games At Casinos Online For USA Players Websites And The Casinos That Do Not Accept USA Players?

Yes, there will be differences between Casinos Online For USA Players and those casinos that do not allow USA Players. This is because of the strict laws pertaining to USA gambling, casinos that are allowing USA players will not have the same type of promotions, bonuses, or banking methods that the ones that do not accept players from the USA will have. This is not to say that USA online casinos will not offer some very nice bonuses and promotions, in fact casinos like New, OnBling, and Classy Coin casino has some of the best games and bonuses around.

What Are The Best Casinos on The Casinos Online For USA Players websites?

New USA, New US, Classy Coin, and US are a few of the highest rated casinos on Casinos Online For USA Players websites. Taking a moment to read the reviews, and looking at the casino ratings will give an individual an idea of what, each casino that is listed will have to offer. This will also help an individual to decide on which casino he or she would like to try out.

Can I Use E-wallet To Deposit Funds Into My Casino Account At The Casinos Online For USA Players Website?

No, none of the casinos on the Casinos Online For USA Players websites will allow an individual to use the E-wallet for depositing or withdrawing funds. The E-wallet was not designed up for anyone in the USA to use, it is a only for people from other countries. The online casinos that accept players from the USA will accept debit cards and credit cards for both depositing and withdrawing.

Can I Use My PrePaid Debit Card At The Casinos On The Casinos Online For USA Players Websites?

Yes, as long as they have the Master Card Or Visa Logo on them, then the casinos on the Casinos Online For USA Players websites will accept this for deposit or withdrawing. Reading through the rules before making a deposit will assure that an individual will not run into problems, The rules for depositing and withdrawing can be found by going to the cashier, or the home page of each casino. Making sure to read and understand the policies of the casino, before attempting to make a deposit or withdrawing, will save the individual from any type of frustration, and when it is time to withdraw their winnings, it will be fast and simple to do.

Dutch Gambling Regulator Calls for Innovation, Government Reveals Market Liberalization Progress

Marja Appelman, CEO of the Netherlands Gaming Authority, Kansspelautoriteit, invited gambling companies to undertake innovative approaches in the country but within the boundaries of what is legal. The gambling official was invited to deliver a keynote speech during this year’s Gaming in Holland Conference, which started yesterday June 19 and will continue today with speeches and presentations dedicated to the gambling landscape in the Netherlands and across Europe.

Ms. Appelman’s speech revolved around two main points – innovation within the Netherlands’ gambling industry and protection of the gambling customer. She drew attention to the need for innovative gambling offering, but pointed out that that offering should not breach existing gambling rules in the country.

The gambling official also pointed out that measures need to be taken so that Dutch gambling customers are prevented from playing on illegal online gambling websites as they cannot be protected in an unregulated gambling environment.

According to recent data, Dutch gamblers annually spend over €250 million on unregulated websites. It has also been estimated that around 3.5% of the Dutch population (nearly 500,000 people) gambles on illegal online gambling websites. Ms. Appelman said that they do not necessarily look for legal websites and that the majority of these people would probably prefer wagering their money in a regulated environment.

The gambling regulator also turned to the Dutch government, stressing on the necessity for the introduction of a legal framework that would provide clarity and boundaries on what is legal and what is not in terms of gambling. Ms. Appelman further noted that she did not intend to criticize lawmakers for the delayed regulatory process and that she understood that a new gambling law should be crafted in a manner that satisfies all political parties participating in the country’s government.

Market Reorganization Progress

It was announced yesterday that certain progress in relation to the long-stalled Draft Bill on Remote Gambling was actually made. The piece of legislation was approved by the Dutch House of Representatives two years ago, but has not seen much movement in the country’s legislature since then. The bill now needs to be voted through by the Senate in order to take effect.

If approved, it would re-organize the nation’s gambling market in a manner that would allow international companies to obtain licenses from Kansspelautoriteit and operate in a regulated field. Under the legislative piece’s provisions, such licensed companies would be taxed at 29% on their revenue. The tax rate was among the topics discussed during the Gaming in Holland Conference on Tuesday, with experts arguing that it is too high and that this could affect negatively player channelization once the new law comes into effect.

The Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security released a statement last night to provide more clarity over a previously discussed language about the physical presence of international gambling companies in the Netherlands. The Ministry pointed out that companies based in the EU or the EEA will not have to set up offices in the country in order to be able to obtain a license from the local regulator. However, companies based outside EU and EEA will be required to have physical presence in the Netherlands.

In its statement, the Ministry further said that players’ protection and the introduction of clear boundaries between gaming and gambling will be one of the priorities of the new regulatory regime. European gambling companies that are allowed to operate in the Netherlands will thus have to appoint a representative who will have to work in the field of addiction prevention in order to be admitted to the Dutch gambling market when it is reorganized.

The Ministry revealed that now as the government has reached an agreement on important points, including the physical presence of gambling companies, the legislative process can be resumed. It is yet to be seen whether lawmakers will be able to meet a previously predicted deadline for an early 2019 implementation of the country’s new gambling law.

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Sky Bet Boss Richard Flint Named UK’s Best CEO in Glassdoor’s Employees Choice Awards

Sky Betting & Gaming Chief Executive Richard Flint has been recognized as UK’s best CEO of 2018 in Glassdoor’s sixth annual Employees Choice Awards. Mr. Flint has been at the company’s helm for nearly two decades.

Glassdoor’s list shows that the Sky Bet executive has nipped past Microsoft boss Satya Nadella and Capital One’s Richard D. Fairbank. This year’s top 5 ranking also includes Marc Benioff from Salesforce and Tim Kidd from Kantar Worldpanel.

Generally speaking, the Top CEOs list, presented by job search and reviews website Glassdoor, is based on reviews and feedback from current and former employees of one company or another. To qualify, a given company needs to be employing at least 1,000 people. Sky Bet, one of UK’s biggest online gambling companies, currently employs around 1,200 people.

Some of the comments from Sky Bet staff regarding the company’s top executive and management team pointed that managers were “approachable” and that there was clarity about how the business was doing.

As mentioned above, Mr. Flint assumed the CEO post at the major gambling company nearly twenty years ago. Sky Bet has over the years grown into the operator with the largest active UK online player base. Most recently, the company has revealed that it generates 80% of its revenue from mobile gambling, an indication that it is one of the early successful adopters of what is anticipated to turn into a leading growth driver within the global gambling industry.

Commenting on his role as a leader, Mr. Flint said in an interview with Quartz at Work that, contrary to what many believe, a boss and a leader does not always have all the answers and is not always “the smartest person in the room”. Of his approach to leadership, the executive said that he fosters a “supportive and collaborative” work environment that revolves around “empathy, humility, and honesty”.

Recognition amid Expansion

Sky Bet had previously focused its attention solely on its domestic UK market. However, the company announced last year that it would look to expand across other major markets, with the first two of these being Italy and Germany.

Reports emerged earlier this year that the company was planning to float on the London Stock Exchange. That plan was later on put on hold as Canadian gambling giant The Stars Group, owner of poker operator PokerStars, announced that it was buying Sky Bet in a deal valued at around $4.7 billion that would result in the creation of the world’s largest listed online gambling company.

The transaction is expected to be completed in the third quarter of the year, subject to approval from gambling regulators, NASDAQ, and the Toronto Stock Exchange. Being part of The Stars Group will give Sky Bet access to a number of new markets to deliver its geographical expansion strategy in.

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Michael Mizrachi Wins Record Third Poker Players Championship Title

History was in the making last night at Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino and poker pro Michael Mizrachi was playing the most important part in that process. Topping an 87-strong field comprised of poker’s finest talent, the player claimed his third Poker Players Championship title, a feat never accomplished before.

Mizrachi previously won the 2010 and 2012 editions of one of the most prestigious poker tournaments to be taking place throughout the year. Title number three came with a sweet payout of $1,239,126 that was added to Mizrachi’s already quite hefty bankroll. The player now has a record-breaking number of three Poker Players Championship titles, four WSOP gold bracelets, two WPT Main Event Main Tour titles, and nearly $17 million in live tournament earnings.

Mizrachi himself admitted that he had a poor start to this year’s Poker Players Championship, and that it was only late on Day 2 that he took the chip lead. However, it is important to note that the player almost did not relinquish his chip advantage over the elite field of the event until its very end last night.

“To win the first one was amazing. The second one was great. The third one is unheard of.”

He still had to overcome scary competition from a number of players who had previously tasted the sweet Poker Players Championship victory, including Brian Rast, who was the only other player to have taken down the tournament twice. The 2014 champion of that same event, John Hennigan, was, too, among the players to enter it this year. Hennigan was actually coming fresh off a victory in the $10,000 H.O.R.S.E. Championship and was fierce to scoop one more prestigious title and a sixth bracelet from the series.

Final Day and Heads-Up

The event’s final day kicked off with six finalists. All of them but one were former WSOP gold bracelet winners looking to expand their trophy collections. Mizrachi led the pack of six with a massive chip advantage. The player very much retained his lead throughout the day.

Dan Smith, the only player who was aiming for his first gold piece from the series, was second in chips at the time when cards were thrown in the air to mark the beginning of the official final table and the final day of the tournament. While a bracelet eluded the poker professional, he made it to a third-place finish for a nice payout of $521,782.

The star-studded field of the tournament was eventually reduced to just Mizrachi and Hennigan. The duel began with the eventual champ holding 12.145 million in chips to his final opponent’s 9.605 million.

The players started off with Limit Hold’em. That stage saw Hennigan shorten the gap for a little while. They then switched to 2-7 Triple Draw that proved one of Mizrachi’s specialties. The player extended his lead to eventually finish off Hennigan. The final hand in play was a No-Limit Hold’em one that saw Hennigan shove after the [Qh][9s][5h] flop with [Jd][10c] to Mizrachi’s [9h][8h]. A [10h] turn and a [8d] river sealed it for Mizrachi to see the player’s rail burst into cheers. Hennigan went out in second place, good for $765,937.

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Valve Disables Item Trading for Dutch CS:GO and Dota 2 Players as Loot Box Crackdown Looms

Video game developer Valve Corporation announced yesterday that it has decided to disable item trading for Dutch players of its Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 games.

The announcement came shortly after the Netherlands Gaming Authority, Kansspelautoriteit, released a statement saying that it would begin conducting previously announced checks whether certain game developers have adjusted their games in a manner that does not break the country’s gambling laws.

The adjustments required were mainly related to the so-called loot boxes that have been making the headlines since last fall’s release of EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II video game. Generally speaking, loot boxes are in-game purchasable items which, in turn, contain different goods that can either be of great use to a player or of little value. The random selection of items in a loot boxes and the fact that these can be purchased and transferred have unleashed a massive debate, with opponents arguing that the boxes constituted a form of gambling.

Kansspelautoriteit carried out a probe into the matter from November 2017 through April 2018 and released a report to present its findings. The regulator reviewed ten games that were available to Dutch players and featured loot boxes, and stated that four of these were violating Dutch gambling regulations.

Publishers of the four games were not specifically named, but as it can be seen, Valve was one of them. The gambling regulator informed developers that they should make certain adjustments to their games to bring them in line with local regulations until today, June 20, or face punitive measures.

Valve’s Response

In a Tuesday message to its customers, Valve said that it has been sent two letters by Kansspelautoriteit in May in relation to its Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 games. Both letters stated that the loot boxes featured in those violated the Dutch Betting and Gaming Act.

The letters went on that if Valve did not make the necessary adjustments by June 20, it would face prosecution in the Netherlands. The game developer argued that it did not receive any additional information in relation to the adjustments that needed to be made and that the explanation provided in Kansspelautoriteit’s report on loot boxes that these breach the law if the goods in them were transferable and did not violate that same law if the goods were not transferable was a “rather simplistic statement”. It also pointed out that it disagreed with Kansspelautoriteit’s findings.

The game developer said in its message from yesterday that the only practical solution for now was to disable trading and transfers of items for Dutch players of its Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 games. Valve further noted that it would engage with the gambling regulator to gain more clarity on the matter and hopefully find a less inconvenient solution.

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