Lady Hammer Casino Review

The Lady Hammer Online Casino is first Online casino ever run by a female professional boxer. Unbeaten boxing world champion Christina Lady Hammer is an example modern feminism. Born at former Soviet Union, moved to Germany and raised to the top of world rankings, this German pro boxer is a role model for success by Read More

June’s $250K GTD Online Poker Tournament

Your Biggest Payday Yet

You’ll be on the road to riches in no time with Ignition’s $250K GTD Tournament – kicking off on June 24 at 5:00 PM ET. Qualify now for as low as $7 + $0.70 or buy in directly for $300 + $25 to throw your hat into the ring.

The race for a share of $250,000 in guaranteed cash prizes is on, so hit the felt now.

How to Qualify

Qualifiers are going down now and getting in on the action is a piece of cake, whatever your stake level.

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New Slot: Play Space Traders at Ignition Casino

Blast off into space with our newest online slot, Space Traders. This futuristic game puts you in contact with a space-exploring merchant named Queen Bea. With a rocket ship full of unique artifacts collected from the universe, Queen Bea is ready to give you some seriously high-end merchandise. But you have to trigger the game’s bonus round first.

Five scatters launch you into the Space Junk Bonus, which takes you up into Queen Bea’s rocket ship. With the assistance of her apprentice Handy Max, Queen Bea will present you with five specially selected items – each with a unique valuation. Your task is to try to pick the three objects with the highest value. Once you pick, the value of each object is displayed and you get a chance to take the deal or ask Bea for a new one. To help you make this decision, the value of every object in Bea’s shop is visible at the bottom of the screen, so you should get a good idea of what’s a good deal and what’s not. If you think you can do better, click the “x”, and Max will replace the objects with five new ones.


Re-Spin for More Wins

Queen Bea and Max are the rulers of the Space Junk trading post, but another character rules the reels: Sam, and he happens to be a robot. Sam has the power to make an icon “lucky” – something he does at the start of every round. Through a holograph, Sam depicts one of 10 potential icons, and if three of those icons land on the game’s nine spinning reels, they lock into place, as the remaining six reels undergo a re-spin. Of course, this happens after you collect any payouts triggered from the original spin. The re-spin feature continues to trigger so long as you land new “lucky” icons. No new lucky icons ends the feature for that round. When it’s over, you get double the pay for the number of matching lucky icons you scored. All thanks to Sam.

The game’s nine reels are a new format that we haven’t seen in any online slots yet. A 3×3 grid with nine spots for icons comprise the game’s reels, and each spot is its own spinning reel. That means the reels spin independently from each other – as opposed to spinning as a large band like most slots. It’s truly a sight to behold made even better by the celestial backdrop. But don’t take our word on it, try Space Traders at our casino and experience the glory of nine reels.




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