7 Things You Should Know when Playing Slot Machines Online or at Land Based Casinos

What you need to know about slot machines

1) Highest denomination slot machines generally offer the best return payouts.

This is because more total money goes into the higher-denomination machines even though there are fewer players, which allows the casinos to give a better return percentage. When playing slot machines at the maximum number of credits, you can finds payback odds of almost 100%. The same rule holds true for jackpots. The more credits you play, the jackpot-return increases in percentage-increments bigger than the increase in credits played. For example, if you play two coins and hit a jackpot for a return of 1,000 coins, a three-coin play can win 4,000 coins on the same jackpot.

2) Odds of hitting progressive-linked jackpots like Megabucks and Wheel of Fortune at land-based casinos do not change.

This holds true regardless of which casino you’re playing at. The reason is because the casino and the slot machine software enterprise share in the profits and both want the uniform odds so that there’s no imbalance of slot players from casino to casino in any given casino area. However, there are differences in odds between progressive-linked slot machines from one gaming area to another.

3) Online slots and progressive jackpots generally offer better payout returns and odds of hitting jackpots than land based casinos.

This is true for the main reason that online slot operators do not have the costs to maintain their machines that real casinos do. There are also more types of online slots and progressive jackpots online, however, they do not have the colorful appeal and the cacophony of sounds that land-based slot machines do. Many players actually don’t mind a slightly lower payout rate in real casinos because of their preference of the atmosphere inside them.

4) Both online and land-based casino slot machines are a comp and bonus hunters dream.

However, the types of comps are different. Online, the slot player receives cash and casino credits only. There are no dinner comps, free hotel rooms or anything else that’s offered in the physical world of land-based casinos. For the pure gamblers, the cash and casino credits are better. But for those players who like gambling while on holiday, the various casino comps are more appealing.

5) There are many factors to consider before choosing online or land-based slot machines.

For those slot players who have access to both online and land-based slot machines, the choice of which to play can be tricky. The pure gambling aspect of it of course favors online slots, even if there are occasional technical problems with a site and hassles with cashing out. Also you don’t have to go anywhere to play, even if the nearest land-based casino is just down the road. But what you can never duplicate online is the great lively atmosphere and excitement that land-based casinos have. The lights, the noise, the music, the chatter and the restaurants make slot-play a completely different experience.

6) There is very little chance of being cheated by any slot machine.

Be it online or at the land-based casino, you can feel safe while playing. The reason why is quite simple: Why would online and land-based casino operators cheat you if they can just simply set the payoff return as they please. While there have been many casino-employee scams targeting slot-machine jackpots, they don’t have any effect on the integrity of slot-play concerning the patrons.

7) There is some misleading advertising of both online and land-based slots.

Occasionally there have been reports of incidents of false advertising and misrepresentation of slot-payoff return, but this is usually minor and not considered real cheating. Players who are concerned about this should make sure they understand correctly what the casino is offering and then make sure that the casino complies.

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Advanced Slot Playing Strategies

Advanced Slot Playing Strategies

Please do spend as much time as you have looking through as many of our slot playing guides and articles of which we do have plenty of them avail be on our website. By doing so you will find plenty of slot playing hints and tips and could increase your chances of winning big when you next get the urge to play any number of slot games online!

This guide is one in which we are going to be taking a look at some of the more advanced slot playing system and strategies, and as such if you are well versed and experienced at playing slot games and slot machines then do please read on as there may be a few valuable snippets of information you will find useful.

Also keep in mind that every single slot game you do access and decide to play online is a random game of chance, and there are never going to be any guarantees that you will end any slot playing session in profit.

However, by knowing how slot games play and pay you can often dramatically increase your chances of winning on multiple slot playing sessions when you do know what to look out for. If you do end any session in profit then never risk losing back your winnings, and the way to guarantee you lock in a profit is to withdraw your winnings straight away!

Live RTP Slot Game Data

One fairly recent development that a handful on online casino sites will be offering you via their website is live or up to the minute RTP information in regards to just how much their slot games are paying out currently.

As such do be on the lookout for casino sites that do offer this type of information, as by taking a look at it you will get to see a list of slot games that are currently hot or cold!

When you look through the live RTP data the slots which are classed as cold ones are slots that have a current low RTP compared to the ones they have been set to return to players, and as such those slots may just be about to start paying out to increase the RTP of that slot and bring it back up to what it has been designed to payout.

On the other hand, you will also find the lots that are currently classed as hot, and those are slots which at the current moment in time have RTP’s that are higher in value than they have been designed to return to players over the long term.

You will then have to make the decision of playing those slot games in the hope that they will continue to payout, or avoid playing them as there may be a very good chance they will begin to tighten up as the RTP then settles down to what they have been designed to payout!

>> Read about Probabilities and Payout Ratios Here.

Feature and Progressive Jackpot Guarantees

The savviest of slot players will always be on the lookout for slot games that due to their playing structures and formats are going to guarantee that you will either win a progressive jackpot or trigger their bonus game.

With that in mind you will often find quite a number of slot games you can play online that will offer one or more progressive jackpot that is guaranteed to be awarded to players when that jackpot or jackpots have reached a certain value.

If you spot a slot which does offer such a progressive jackpot then you are going to have a much greater chance of winning the progressive jackpot if it is no far off its guaranteed hit by amount. So always checkout the current value of those progressive jackpots when you fancy playing a progressive jackpot slot and want a very good chance of winning the jackpot on offer!

Some slot games may also offer you s bonus type game that is going to be guaranteed to hit in a certain number of base game spins played off.

Much like the progressive jackpots mentioned above you should check the hit by meters on those slot games and if they are nearing the point in time when the bonus games are guaranteed to be triggered then you really should be sitting down and playing those slots.

As the bonus games may turn out to be very high paying ones, and it will only cost you a small amount of cash to play off the required number of spins to trigger them!

Taking Advantage of Winning Streaks

One final aspect of playing slot games online is that there will often be sessions on which you can do no wrong. Many players are going to experience days when no matter what slot games they do play they keep on winning either via the base game or they trigger lots of high paying bonus feature rounds.

If you are looking to maximize your winning potential when playing slot games online then be on the lookout for those winning streaks, and one way that you can increase the value of the payouts you are receiving and achieving is by increasing the stakes you are playing for slowly but surely!

If you start off playing slots for let’s say stakes of just a penny, then when you do experience a good run of luck start to increase the number of coins you wager per payline, or increase the coin values you are playing for instead.

If your luck continues then by playing for much higher stakes you will receive much higher valued payouts, but keep in mind that winning streak could end at any time, so never continue to play for higher stakes if the slot game you are playing starts to tighten up.

Also one final thing to remember is that you will need to cash out some or all of your winnings when you win big, as you will not want to lose them all

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How do I play Mobile Web Browser Slots?

Playing Casino Games on Mobile

You will not be forced to have to download a casino app onto any model or type or Smartphone or Tablet device, for there is another way that you can access a range of different mobile slots and that is by you opting to utilize the web browser on your mobile device.

This way of playing slot games is slightly more tricky than downloading an app, however if you are running out of storage space on any mobile device then the range of web browser compatible mobile slot games will be accessible more or less instantly when you do opt to play via your mobile devices web browser.

To access the slot games in this way first of all you will of course need to launch your web browser on your mobile device by tapping on the web browser icon, once done then simply enter the web address of the mobile casino site you wish to play at and then visit that website.

Once there you can then sign up to that casino site as a new player via the web browser you are using and opt to play the games available as either free play games or real money game. All of the games and the banking interfaces available on this type of mobile gaming platform will launch and load directly into your chosen web browser.

You will be able to use the games menu to scroll through the range of games available, and it is worth pointing out the staking options and payout percentages and house edges of the games you play this way will always be the same as the ones attached to the game you can access via a casino app!

Claiming Mobile Casino Bonuses Offers

Bonuses do ensure you get lots of additional playing value and many slot players in particular will be very eager to claim as many mobile casino bonuses as they possibly can do to ensure they get the absolute maximum playing value from their available bankroll.

You will have no difficulties being given access to deposit match bonuses, cash back bonuses and even no deposit bonuses or free sets of slot spins on which any winnings you achieve from those free spins will be yours to keep.

The way in which you can claim those bonuses is the same as when for example you play at an online casino site and as such you may find your bonus credits get instantly added to your account balance when you make any qualifying deposit.

However, more and more mobile casino sites opt to use a bonus code claiming system and when you are playing at such a site you will need to look up the bonus code on the casinos website for the bonus you wish to claim then enter that code into the banking interface at the same time as you are making a deposit.

Your bonuses will always then be added instantly to your casino account when you make any qualifying deposit, bit always read through the terms and conditions of any bonus so you know of any special requirements or game restrictions when playing off your awarded bonus credits!

Types of Mobile Web Browser Slot Games Available

There will certainly be more than enough types of slot games that you will be able to access and pay at any time of the day or night and from anywhere you are web you play the web browser compatible mobile slots available at each of our rated mobile casino sites.

However, as you may never have played in such a playing environment before then allow us to now give you an overview and introduction to some of the different categories of slot game you can access and play that way.

Three reel slots such as classic slots and fruit machines will be available, the former types of games are fast playing and usually do not have any type of bonus games or bonus features, however mobile fruit machines will have a huge range of different bonus games and bonus features that do frequently trigger.

If you want to have the chance of winning a mega sized inning payout then you will be best off choosing to play the progressive slot games, those games will usually require you to play them in a certain way to have a chance of winning the high valued jackpots so always find out how to play them to have the progressive jackpot activated and in play!

The video slot games are the ones most players tend to play the most when using a mobile devices web browser to access a mobile casinos range of games, and those types of slots offering lots of staking options and each one will offer one or more bonus games and/or bonus features too so they are very exciting and entertaining slots to play!

Configuring Mobile Web Browser Slots

You will of course have a range of different option settings available to you when you play slot games in a mobile devices web browser, and it will often be beneficial for you to take a look at those option settings before you send any slot games reel spinning.

You will be able to adjust things such as the speed at which the mobile slot reels spin and stop and will also have a range of different audio and visual option settings to so you can tailor each mobile slot playing session uniquely to enable to you to play those slots how you like to play them.

Many mobile slots will also allow you to put into play an auto play setting and as such if you prefer sitting back and watching your chosen slot games play themselves automatically on your chosen stake amounts then do make sure you make use of the auto play option settings.

Free play options will also be available so you are always going to be able to test out any new slot game you come across and play them at no risk to see if you enjoy playing them.

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