How To Pay To Online Casinos?

How To Pay To Online Casinos?

Paying in online casinos

Many new online casino payment methods have come into play with the existing denial problems with the credit cards along with the current buy out of PayPal by Ebay and the banning of transactions related to online casino gambling.

It can be such a confusing job signing up with and trusting US online casinos. Casinos now have been adopting alternative payment methods.

Most online casinos are now recognizing the following companies. If you find an online casino that doesn’t accept these payment methods than they will soon.


NeTeller provides instant cash transfers via Internet and same-day payments. With Neteller you incur no services charges for transfers. Signing up for NeTeller has never been easier or faster. Excellent service is what makes NeTeller the leading company.

Quick and easy money transfers
Deposit and withdrawal money with a wide variety of methods
Information is always kept from merchants insuring the privacy of your credit card information
Your money is available to access or transfer from anywhere at anytime


Another excellent choice when it comes to easy sign up is FirePay. FirePay works like an ATM/debit card all the while experiencing a free service.

Set up a FirePay account in 5 Minutes or less
With these step by step tour you will find setting up your account fast and easy
Information is always kept from merchants insuring the privacy of your credit card information
Money deposited into your bank account is readily available to you


Players with a bank account can sign up for Direct Bank Transfer ACH, which is protected and trouble free.

Citadel Commerce

With Citadel you are able to obtain instant casino credits. In a 7-day cycle, on authorized accounts only, you could obtain up to $1,500 in casino credit. You will be assured your privacy and total security of all your personal information and money transactions that you make over the Internet. Citadel has around the clock support available if any questions or problems should arise.


Solo/Switch/Delta is very similar to an electronic debit card. Transactions are done instantly so a Cardholder can only spend what is available in their account. As you win at the casino your tokens are immediately added to your account for availability.

Citadel Commerce

The Gaming Card is available at participating casinos. These cards are private credit cards that are issued only to VIP players.

On Demand Funds

You can have money transferred from your MasterCard, Visa or checking account with just one simple phone call to On Demand Funds. Within one hour your money should be withdrawn from your Visa or MasterCard by your On Demands Funds account and credited to your casino account. Using a checking account can be a rather longer process, which takes up to five business days.


With innovative technology Paycheck has been developed by Microgaming Systems.

With the Playcheck account you the player can view any history of his or her gaming transactions up to a period of seven day prior to the requesting date. Casinos that participate are Playcheck is powered by Microgaming Systems.


Moneybookers is a very lucrative, protected and worldwide solution to payments that facilitates players from all around the world to obtain casino credits immediately. Register with Moneybookers free of charge. The only requirement needed is an e-mail address.


With 900 pay simply use your telephone for purchases, which can be one of the easiest, hassle free and secure payment options. 900pay is available for USA and Canada players only.

Central Coin

Central Coin provides quick connections between Internet Users and Sponsors for a dynamite answer to securing online payments. This connection is always a protected and dependable technique that transfers funds via the Internet.


EcoCard is a great way to purchase casino credits in less than a minute. This
payment system is quick and dependable with online interface convenience that
has accurate balance control and tracking history. Casino players that use
the Ecopayz has the opportunity to do transaction using local currency,
in the country of their choice via major banks across Europe. This account
ensures that your purchase of casino credits remain classified in an easy and protected manner.

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