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Multi-Hand BlackJack Rules

Grandbay Online Casino – Free Craps!

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Playing Slots Online

Playing Slots Online

Do you know what will be on the screen of the slot machine when you start playing the slots? You might have to get all the symbols on the slots could be anything that your imagination could figure: three fruits, three sevens, all cherries, all men, all ladies… Slots 4 U.

Come on in and join all the fun that is going on in this online casino. These days all the fun is happening at online casinos. Online casinos are more fun and convenient than traveling to a local casino. An easy and great site in which to play is www.i This site is full of different kinds of casino slot machines with a variety of money dominations. Whether you want to play the quarter slot machines, hundred dollar slots machines or higher priced machines than there is a slot machine for you.

Slot machines vary in the different games that they offer you to play. If you like poker then there is a slot machine that plays poker, if blackjack is the game of choice then just select it or choose from the wide variety of other slot machines that are available at www.i You are just one click away from a wide variety of slot machines with jackpots just waiting there for you.

If you want a no hassle kind of play just click the web site, pick the desired slot machine and start to play. Choosing to play the games at www.i is simple and fun with loads of chances to win cash. If slot machines are your favorite casino game than you will want to check this site out for fun, trouble-free chances to win heaps of cash.

This trouble-free site is also worry-free since it has been researched for your safety and has been found to be secure and safe. So you can go and have fun spinning the reels for a chance to win cash and the jackpot with the piece of mind that you are playing in an online casino that is safe and secure.

For a fabulous relaxing day of entertainment join thousands of other guess that are playing slot machines at www.i Go have fun and Good Luck!!!!

USA Online Roulette

Playing Roulette In USA

Casino News: Areas that want action and fun can get them in Riverboat casinos which are bringing entertainment and very popular. Riverboat casinos are legitimate casinos, where payouts, payoffs and fun are what the gambler is searching for.Read more….

Playing the game of live dealer roulette is so invigorating whether you play online or at the local casino. If you choose to play roulette online then jump on over to our online casino to join the fun by going to i roulette to play a fun and safe game of roulette online. This site will be an enjoyable site in which you can play roulette worry-free since the site has been researched for the protection of our guests.

Playing roulette in the cyber world is easy, convenient and safe if you check out the sites before choosing to play at just any online casino. A site like i roulette is a highly regarded site that has been around and plays by the fair gaming rules. So when you set out to find a fun casino click on the above site for worry-free fun or research the online casino before choosing to play.

If you haven’t played the game of roulette before you really need to try it. Roulette is a relatively easy and straightforward game. There isn’t a lot of decision making in the game of roulette, as there are other games. The only decision for you to make is choosing a lucky number. Roulette is the game that thousands of people are selecting since the game is so straightforward and uncomplicated.

So for good, clean, simple fun go to i roulette to join the millions of other people who are turning to online games to win jackpot cash. Whether or not you have played roulette before you will enjoy yourself at the online casino. The excitement is so real and the wheel and dealer is so lifelike that you will feel like you are in the casino live yourself.

Pick a lucky number, than give that roulette wheel a spin to try winning real cash, have loads of fun and Good Luck!!!!

Learning The Game Of Roulette

The game of roulette is so simple and uncomplicated that you will find that you choose this game over the many other casino games that are out there to choose from. Roulette is a game made up of the roulette wheel that has the numbers one through thirty-six, zero and double zero, a little ivory ball, the croupier (dealer that spins the wheel), the roulette table in which you place the bet, and chips or money.

US online roulette is fun to play since all your have to do is pick a lucky number and hope the little ivory ball will come to a final resting spot on the wheel. The dealer starts to spin the wheel and them announces after the wheel has started to spin that all bets must be placed. If the ivory ball comes to a final resting spot on the number in which you have chosen then you become a winner.

The two decisions that you will need to make when playing the game of roulette is the amount of money in which you wish to bet on any giving play. The other choice you will need to choose is a number that is lucky and will be picked by the dealer after the wheel has come to a complete stop.

Roulette is as simple as going to this site i roulette and playing. The online games that you find there are easy and fun to play especially the game of roulette. Once you start playing roulette you will be so taking away by the excitement and fun that the game gives you particularly if you win the jackpot.

The excitement is just one click away so take the step on over to enjoy all the fun that millions of people are enjoying each and every day. Cash jackpot prizes are just waiting there for you to win. Click over to the online casino have fun and Good Luck.

USA Online Roulette

Online or in your local casino you will find fun and excitement coming from the roulette section. Roulette is just as exciting whether or not you play online or at the casino. The online casinos are made so much like the local casinos that you actually forget that you never left you house. The sounds, lights and the games are made up just like the games that you find in the local casino without leaving the comfort of your own home.

When playing the game of roulette online you will find the similar game items online as you would find at the local casino. Such items include the roulette wheel that has numbers from one to thirty-six, a zero and double zero, roulette betting table with corresponding numbers, the ivory ball that determines the winning number, the betting chips (money) and the croupier which is the dealer who spins the roulette wheel, announces the winning number and determines if there is a winner for the number that had been chosen by the little ivory ball.

As in the casino, the croupier or dealer spins the roulette wheel and the ivory ball spins around the roulette wheel in the opposite direction. As the wheel is spinning around the croupier or dealer announces that all bets must be placed, he then announces the winning number that the ivory ball has determined. The winner of the game will be paid by the amount of the bet in which the winner has placed and the spot on the roulette table that the bet had been placed.

The game of roulette is simple and entertaining. The game is less complex than other games that you may find in the casino. Go to i roulette and play a worry-free game of roulette. Try your spin at roulette; guess a lucky number and Good Luck!

Are you one to socialize while playing at the US online casino? If going to the casino these days seem to be a little inconvenient then go online and play in at an online casino site. A site like to i roulette offers the game of roulette.

At many online casino sites such as the one mentioned you would find an online chat room. These chat rooms have other players such as yourself that are trying their luck at winning cash. Winning cash when playing roulette is one of the fastest, amusing and easiest ways to get win cash. With the online chat room you can enjoy the excitement of winning with other guests. You also can play the roulette table with other gamblers. They can cheer you on just as you can cheer on the other guests or gamblers.

Millions of other people from all over the place has joined each other to play at the online casino to try their luck at the fun games and cash that is there to win. Wouldn’t you like to win some serious cash and has loads of fun doing it then click on over to i roulett to play an online game without the worry that you might have at other sites. This site has been tested and researched to be sure of the safety of our guest. Your safety is our number one concern and you having the time of your life are our second.

Click on over to play a simple and non-complex game of roulette. You will find a fun game of roulette just waiting there to happen to you such as spinning the roulette wheel, picking winning numbers and winning the jackpot cash. So go play the game of roulette, have some exciting fun and as always Good Luck!

How To Pay To Online Casinos?

How To Pay To Online Casinos?

Paying in online casinos

Many new online casino payment methods have come into play with the existing denial problems with the credit cards along with the current buy out of PayPal by Ebay and the banning of transactions related to online casino gambling.

It can be such a confusing job signing up with and trusting US online casinos. Casinos now have been adopting alternative payment methods.

Most online casinos are now recognizing the following companies. If you find an online casino that doesn’t accept these payment methods than they will soon.


NeTeller provides instant cash transfers via Internet and same-day payments. With Neteller you incur no services charges for transfers. Signing up for NeTeller has never been easier or faster. Excellent service is what makes NeTeller the leading company.

Quick and easy money transfers
Deposit and withdrawal money with a wide variety of methods
Information is always kept from merchants insuring the privacy of your credit card information
Your money is available to access or transfer from anywhere at anytime


Another excellent choice when it comes to easy sign up is FirePay. FirePay works like an ATM/debit card all the while experiencing a free service.

Set up a FirePay account in 5 Minutes or less
With these step by step tour you will find setting up your account fast and easy
Information is always kept from merchants insuring the privacy of your credit card information
Money deposited into your bank account is readily available to you


Players with a bank account can sign up for Direct Bank Transfer ACH, which is protected and trouble free.

Citadel Commerce

With Citadel you are able to obtain instant casino credits. In a 7-day cycle, on authorized accounts only, you could obtain up to $1,500 in casino credit. You will be assured your privacy and total security of all your personal information and money transactions that you make over the Internet. Citadel has around the clock support available if any questions or problems should arise.


Solo/Switch/Delta is very similar to an electronic debit card. Transactions are done instantly so a Cardholder can only spend what is available in their account. As you win at the casino your tokens are immediately added to your account for availability.

Citadel Commerce

The Gaming Card is available at participating casinos. These cards are private credit cards that are issued only to VIP players.

On Demand Funds

You can have money transferred from your MasterCard, Visa or checking account with just one simple phone call to On Demand Funds. Within one hour your money should be withdrawn from your Visa or MasterCard by your On Demands Funds account and credited to your casino account. Using a checking account can be a rather longer process, which takes up to five business days.


With innovative technology Paycheck has been developed by Microgaming Systems.

With the Playcheck account you the player can view any history of his or her gaming transactions up to a period of seven day prior to the requesting date. Casinos that participate are Playcheck is powered by Microgaming Systems.


Moneybookers is a very lucrative, protected and worldwide solution to payments that facilitates players from all around the world to obtain casino credits immediately. Register with Moneybookers free of charge. The only requirement needed is an e-mail address.


With 900 pay simply use your telephone for purchases, which can be one of the easiest, hassle free and secure payment options. 900pay is available for USA and Canada players only.

Central Coin

Central Coin provides quick connections between Internet Users and Sponsors for a dynamite answer to securing online payments. This connection is always a protected and dependable technique that transfers funds via the Internet.


EcoCard is a great way to purchase casino credits in less than a minute. This
payment system is quick and dependable with online interface convenience that
has accurate balance control and tracking history. Casino players that use
the Ecopayz has the opportunity to do transaction using local currency,
in the country of their choice via major banks across Europe. This account
ensures that your purchase of casino credits remain classified in an easy and protected manner.

Best Online Casinos


Rogue casino

On a rare occasion a rogue online casino will come about. Players discover these types of casinos since the casinos decline to pay customers their winning amounts or cheating software.

Cheating casino software

Although cheating casino software is particularly uncommon it has been proven to be evident in some casinos. Many online casino players often accuse casinos (using software such as Boss Media, Cryptologic and RTG) of cheating these casinos have never tested positive for cheat. These players are most likely discovering patterns that are not really there. Although these software are proven safe not all are. According to Michael Shackleford software like Elka System/Oyster Gaming is known to take advantage of the players.

About our blacklist

Our casino list was compiled by information that was gathered from other online casino’s blacklist, massages left in forums and using our own knowledge. Use the information given here at your own risk. We are only passing this information along and will not take any responsibility as to whether this information is indeed accurate or not.

As you set out to have your online casino experience I wish you all the best but if you happen to come across a casino that is rogue please write us at casino is rogue, supply us will all the information that you have available to prove that this casino is rogue.

Many of the casinos was included in our blacklist was for reasons that included:

Random games are not coherent with the results of the game. All casinos should offer a honest game as proof by the fact that the dice or cards observed fall in line with the arithmetical standards. If a casino is found not to be fair they will be moved to the blacklist and not be removed until the matter is settled and restitution is paid to the played that had been victimized as a way of apology.

If the rule of the casino is not honored. If a casino denies a player a bonus or removes funds from the players account even after the player has met the terms of the bonus that was offered. A player funds should not be seized unless serious fraud has been proven.

If the player’s e-mail address was passed onto spammers by way of the casino.

If a play receives spam or has sales calls from people with whom had no relationship to the casino.

The casino breaks the fair gaming seal by committing fraud.

Inquires about a players dispute is not responded upon by the casino.

USA Online Casino Bonuses

USA Online Casino Bonuses

About USA online casino bonuses

Many casinos offer large bonuses, it is not unusual for a casino to have a “100% match bonus”. An example of common terms and situations for a bonus could be as follows:

Player must wager 25 times the deposit and bonus before retreating from the game

When betting on games such as baccarat, craps, roulette and sic bo the bets do not count towards the meeting wagering provisions

As for this example you the player that would be depositing $100 would actually start with $200 in his or her account. The player must make $5000 ($200 times 25%) in wagers before retreating. You can play this bonus at a game like blackjack.

If a player retreats after meeting the necessities he has a very large advantage which has been proven by simple mathematics. For example, at most online casinos, the house edge is at or less than .5% in blackjack. $5000 times .005 or $25.

A player anticipates showing a $25 loss; however, he would be given a $100 bonus. A player could expect to see a profit of $75, a whopping 75% advantage. Gain an edge over the casino by taking full advantage of such a promotion.

Bonus hunters

Players that often take full advantage of the casino bonuses thus leaving after the betting provisions are met are otherwise known as “advantage players”, “bonus hunters”, “bonus abusers” and “bonus whores” which tends to be the most vulgar of all. The act of these players are strictly prohibited by the casino since their conditions usually state that players may play for recreational purposes only. Players are rarely caught doing so but if they would be caught their promotional privileges are revoked.

A player that chooses to take advantage of these bonuses at a large number of online casinos must be very careful. These players need to take into consideration the casinos that are rogues and that will not pay. While other have certain terms and conditions that are not in the players favor such as the bonuses that are directly to only the slots.

USA Online Casino Payouts

USA Online Casino Payouts

USA online casino payout is a numerical value that is based on monthly casino statistics and as a rule computed by a third party auditing company. The online casino payout is a numerical factor which describes ratio between how much money people have won in online casino and amount of money kept by this casino for given month.

For example: Let casino payout equal 97.56% and let us assume that all players have gambled away 1,000,000 $ at this casino in total. In that case $975,600 was won back or returned to the players in a different way, leaving the casino with $24,400 in all.

Please note that online casino payouts are very significant aspect you need to consider when you choose an online casino. Of course, there are many other sides you need to consider before playing online. It would be a good thing to keep in mind such important things like casino certification, technical support, quality of online casino software, payment options and other casino features. Casino payout rates can be crucial to your odds of winning and you will be able to make your own estimates and conclusions about quality of an online casino. But you have to make sure that your payout figures were derived from actual statistics and were verified by well-known auditing company like PriceWaterhouseCooper or Online Players Association.

The well-known consulting & auditing company PriceWaterhouseCoopers checks the game results and statistics of many known online casinos. Evidential matter updates every month and as a result company makes auditor’s conclusion. Evidential matter includes a lot of different activities and characteristics. Online casino payout is one of them. Casino payout value can be adduced for Online Casino as a whole and for single games in particular. We have maked an effort to gather data about casino payouts from different sources. You can see the result of our modest effort below:

About free gambling

There is a plenty of casinos which offer free or real money casino games. You often have to create casino account to play these games as when playing for money. When playing for free you are able to start playing for money, often by clicking the appropriate button.

First play for free

This is the common practice for all people, who are not familiar with some casino to create free account first. This lets you to try gaming in this casino, learn rule’s specific.